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On this page we will provide some tips that can improve the performance of your computer and give you ideas you can use with your system.

The Right Click.

The right click on your mouse is a very useful tool.When you right click a context menu is opened giving you a wide variety of options from cutting and pasting to the properties of a certain item.The right click can also be used for dragging files and icons and when the right mouse button is released it gives you a context menu to copy,move or make a shortcut to the certain item.

Dust Problems.

Dust can be a major problem for the inner workings of your computer.Dust can block the vent holes in your computer causing a lack of airflow through your system which can cause overheating problems.Dust can also accumulate in your cpu's heatsink and fan which affects the overall cooling of your processor.If the processor overheats windows can shutdown and restart or more permanant damage to your processor can occur.It is advisable to have your computer checked from time to time to make sure dust is not a problem in your system.

Deleting or Uninstalling?

When a program is no longer needed should you uninstall it or delete it? Uninstall it if you can first.Firstly goto >START >SETTINGS >CONTROL PANEL >ADD/REMOVE PROGRAMS and if it is in the list highlight it and hit >ADD/REMOVE to uninstall the program.If the program is not in the list check to see if the program has its own uninstall file in its own folder.If it doesn't you are safe to delete it.If a program is deleted when it should have been uninstalled various parts of the program will been left in places like the registry to take up space and cause problems.By uninstalling first you can save yourself a lot of hassle and have more free space on your hard drive.

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